Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zhongxian underwater exhibition hall by crossboundaries architects

Zhongxian underwater exhibition hall

The building of the Three Gorges Dam, which caused the rise of the river water level has forced part of the city along the riverside to be removed. The Zhongxian Underwater Exhibition Hall is design to made used of this man-made phenomena.
Zhongxian Underwater Exhibition Hall
Design Team: Crossboundaries Architects
Location: Zhongxian, China
Status: Proposal

Crossboundaries Architects together with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design is proposing a new urban planning for the central area of the city of Zhongxian due to the changing urban policy of Zhongxian.

The Underwater Hall is a mixed -used floating platform. The local government wish is to combine region and city exhibition, conference and also representing function in one space.

The interesting location on the river gives lot of opportunities for the landscape quality view. The building is situated at the end of the axis, which begins with head office of the local government and then goes down the hill towards the water. There are three connections between the building and the riverbank, the main one is forming the extension of the axis, the other two ones are slightly angled footbridges to the coast.

Zhongxian underwater exhibition hall
Zhongxian underwater exhibition hall
Zhongxian underwater exhibition hall

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